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Prime Minister's Flood Relief Fund






20m people await your compassion!


• Massive floods have affected 20 million, more than 8 times the number of people affected by the Tsunami

• More than 1645 people have died and around 2,479 have been injured

• As much as one fifth of the country was inundated by floods which is the same area as size of Italy.

• An estimated 800,000 flood-affected individuals are accessible only by air, mostly in northern KPK and Gilgit-Baltistan.

• The cost of rebuilding could exceed $10 to $15 billion

“The scale of this disaster is so large so many people, in so many places, in so much need. ”

-Ban Ki -moon

• Pakistan is facing the worst monsoon floods in living memory. The magnitude of unfolding disaster is more than the mind can take in

• Devastation caused by the floods has hit more people than those affected by the Tsunami, Katrina, and the earthquake in Haiti combined

• More than 3.5 million children are at a high risk of deadly diseases

• About 1.08 million children and 960,000 pregnant women face clear risk of malnutrition across the affected area.

• 204,040 cases of acute diarrhea, 263,356 cases of skin disease and 204,647 cases of acute respiratory infection have been reported. An increased risk of breakout of cholera, measles and malaria is still looming

• 1,237,493 houses have been destroyed

• The tents and tarpaulins provided so far can cover only 11 percent and 6 percent of affected population in Punjab and Sindh, respectively

• Around 7,820 schools are reported to have been fully or partially damaged

• Infrastructure of the country has been severely damaged. Over 70 percent of the roads and bridges in the flood affected areas have been destroyed

• 17 million acres of agricultural land has been submerged. At least 3.6 million hectares of standing crops have been damaged. Crop damage is estimated at $3 billion

• In addition to the crop damage, 1 million tons of wheat stored in warehouses has been swept away, putting the food security of sixth most populous country in the world at risk

• Key concerns continue to be lack of access to basic services, overcrowded displacement sites, and ensuring equal access to assistance for women and children.

• Repairing roads, bridges, telecommunications, power infrastructure, farming and irrigation system will involve huge costs

• The floods may cut the nation's economic growth to half

• The immediate relief efforts would need to be complemented by long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction, with help from the UN and global partners

Sources: WFP, ICRC, UNOCHA, WB, NDMA, Agri Forum, Pakistan.

Updated: 08/30/2010

For more information please visit ... www.ndma.gov.pk




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