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Consular Services

Lost Passport

Issuance of passport in lieu of lost passport


  • 6 Current Photographs ..... 2x2 white back ground, front face, photo

  • Original national NICOP/CNIC its photocopy

  • Passport Fee

  • (i) First time loss (Ordinary): $ 92.00

  • (ii) First time loss (Urgent): $ 240.00

  • ( iii) Second time loss (Ordinary) $ 185.00

  • (iv) Second time loss (Urgent) $ 480.00

  • Copy of lost passport (if available)

  • Police Report

  • Note: Issuance of passport in such cases is subject to verification from original issuing authority

  • Annual Registration of Pakistan Nationals Abroad

Fee and Processing Time

Note: New Machine Readable Passports (MRP issued by New York and Los Angeles)



Express Mail

Note (i) Express Mail : If application is submitted through mail, self addressed pre-paid envelope is mandatory for the return of documents. The Embassy recommends the use of Express Mail for all deliveries. Please use the flat rate envelop. Current cost is : $19.99. Do not use Metered stamps. The Embassy does not accept any other form of return envelope. Click here for US Postal Services. Embassy will not be responsible for loss of documents in the mail.

Note (ii) : All fees are payable in US postal money orders or cashier cheques made payable to the Embassy of Pakistan. Please do not send cash or personal cheques. Please make sure to include your name and address on money orders or cashier cheques. All fees are non- refundable.



Washington DC contacts:

Consular Services - please call 202-349-3177

Washington DC Embassy email:consularsection@embassyofpakistanusa.org

Note: Please include your cell number in the email.

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