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Frequently Asked Questions


Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be destroyed if not completed in 3-6 months. Applications sent to Pakistan have to be followed up regularly by online tracking or calling Pakistan. Applications older than three years may potentially be destroyed.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to surrender CNIC to obtain POC/NICOP?

A: Yes, in case if you are applying for POC (Pakistan Origin card); you have to surrender your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). However, for NICOP you don't have to surrender your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). If you have a POC and want to switch back to the NICOP, you have to surrender it. All old cards have to be sent back when applying for a renewal.

Q: What is the last date for application? I heard it was December 31, 2003.

A: December 31, 2003 was the date for the expiration of all old NIC (not CNIC). It was NOT the deadline for applications for the new NICOP that replaces it. You can apply whenever you want, you just cannot use your old NIC.

Q: I want to register my child, where do I get the Child Registration Certificate or CRC (Form 'B'/Bay-form)?

A: Please click here for information on CRC. CRCs are made in Pakistan.

Q: The forms claim the NICOP fee is $25 for multiples of 3 years, what is the latest fee structure?

A: The forms reflect the OLD fee structure; please IGNORE the validity section on the forms. The current fee structure is $55 for validity of 7 years and this is final. Fees vary for duplicate/reprint and modification of NICOP. Please go to the main page for detailed fee structure.

Q: What is the approximate processing time for POC/NICOP applications?

A: There is no guaranteed time frame for POC/NICOP processing since the cases are processed on an approval basis in Pakistan . 4-5 weeks after you receive your NICOP/POC receipt, start tracking the status of your case online at www.nadra.gov.pk using the receipt number. Keep at least 3-4 months in your schedule.

Q: Do I need to send a return envelope with my application?

A: Yes, please send one return envelope. We will mail you receipt for your application in this one. The return envelope must be from the US Post Office and it should be self-addressed and pre-stamped. Click for more info regarding status of NICOP


Q: I have applied and my case is still outstanding after 6 months. I also have my receipt number, so how do I get my card?


A. Please click the link for more info

Q: Do I need to send separate money orders/cashier's checks for each applicant?

A: No, unto 8 POC applicants or 8 NICOP applicants can use 1 money order/cashier's check for their combined fees (for example $60 or $100 with DHL home delivery for 4 NICOP applicants), however payment of one card may not be mixed with that of another (POC may not be mixed with that of NICOP and vice versa). If one family is applying for both types of cards, make sure you include separate money orders/cashier's checks for each type.

Q: Are there any other special instructions with regard to sending in an application?

A: Each application is processed individually so if one family is applying, make sure you attach separate copies of each document with each application e.g. do not send just 1 copy of a father's NIC when he is applying for himself, his wife and his kids. Also make sure you mark your application " ATTN: NADRA " so that it reaches the relevant department quickly and doesn't experience any delays in the mail room.

Q: I need to change my name. What do I do?

A: Please click here for procedure and fee structure of NICOP/POC modification. (link will take you to the main ID page)

Q: I am a student here; can I get a fee waiver?

A: Yes, but then you will not get a card; you will only be registered in the National Database. If you want the card, you will have to pay for it.

Q: Do I really need to fill out the Urdu based NICOP forms?

A: That depends. If you have a CNIC (Computerized National ID Card) and are attaching its copy, then no you do not. In ALL other cases (including old NIC) you MUST fill out the Urdu form.

Q: Can minors (under 18) apply for NICOP?

A: Yes, they can use their CRC (Child Registration Certificate) or Form B'. If that is not available, include copy of birth certificate along with copy of father's NIC (front and back)

Q: Which Money Order should I send?

A: You can send any brand you like (US Postal Service, Western Union ). It is cashed in the US not in Pakistan .

Q: Do I have to get the Urdu forms attested?

A: Yes. Attester information (Column 28- 30) IS REQUIRED . Attester is a person EXCEPT the applicant, their mother, father and spouse that already has a computerized Pakistani National ID Card (CNIC or NICOP). This can be anyone. Example: A neighbor, a distant relative, a friend or a co-worker.

Q: Do I really need my parent's NIC number?

A: You must provide their numbers if they are alive and currently Pakistani citizens. Otherwise you can just write DECEASED or provide reason why you can't provide NIC number. If you are unmarried and your father is still alive, you MUST provide his NIC/CNIC/NICOP number under head of family (Column 2)

Q: Where do I mail my application?

A: You can mail it to whichever office you like. Generally, you should send your application to Consulate/Embassy that has your State's jurisdiction.


Q: How do I, contact your office ?

A: Please fill the attached inquiry form. Click for form



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