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A (NICOP)National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis is meant for all Pakistani citizens and Dual Nationality holders in the United States. It is now a mandatory requirement for all Pakistanis working/residing abroad and Pakistanis holding dual nationality. NICOP offers unique privileges and facilities to its holder. This card is obligatory for all members of the family, including children under the age of 18 years.
A (POC) Pakistan Origin Card is meant for US nationals of Pakistani origin. A Renunciation Letter must be provided for applicant's holding old Pakistani passports and other Citizenship documents who are applying for POC. Furthermore, POC applicants must also surrender their Pakistan non-computerized National Identity Card (NIC), Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) and/or NICOP. For Passport Renunciation Certificate, click here . For NIC/CNIC/NICOP surrender, click here.

Contacting the NADRA Department, Washington D.C.
Phone Number: 202-243-6500
E-mail: nadra@embassyofpakistanusa.org

Important, Please Note:

1. The NICOP/POC processing timeline is 3-6 months. While NICOP and POC holders are entitled to Visa Free entry applying for the card is not an option for upcoming travel within the 3-6 months processing time. There is no urgent service available.

2. Applicant must provide a return envelope for return of documents or confirmation of documents received. Envelope must be a document sized, flat-rate USPS Flat Rate Express envelope which is self-addressed and pre-paid. Click here for image.

3. How to track your NICOP Card Status Click her for info

4. How to Launch a Complaint Click her for info

5. The applicant(s) who have applied for a NADRA card in Pakistan MUST mention their 13-Digit NADRA Card number on their NICOP form. Minors applying MUST mention their Child Registration Certificate (CRC) Number. Otherwise, their application will be rejected and they would be required to re-apply with a fresh fee.

6. For detailed information on National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis and the Pakistan Origin Card, please visit NADRA's official website.



Differences between NICOP and POC click here

Download Adobe Acrobat to view and print applications.


Download NICOP Form (PDF)


Download POC Form (PDF)

Instructions of filling NICOP Click here


Fee: $55

Requirements For New NICOP (First Time Application) Click here

Home Delivery Fee Included


Fee for applicant's above 18yrs: $110

Fee for applicant's under or 18yrs: $60

Requirements For New POC (First Time Application) Click here

Home Delivery Fee Included

NICOP Modification (Change)/ Reprint (Duplicate)

Fee: $60


Procedure: Click here

Home Delivery Fee Included

POC Modification (Change)/ Reprint (Duplicate)/ Renewal

Fee for applicant's above 18yrs: $160

Fee for applicant's below 18yrs: $90

Procedure: Click here

Home Delivery Fee Included

NICOP Renewal Fee

Fee $55

WITH Change: $60
(Change is anything such as marital status or address)

Procedure: Click here

Home Delivery Fee Included


Surrender of NICOP

Fee: $120

Procedure: Click here

Home Delivery Fee Included

POC Cancellation

Fee: $200

(Adults and Minors)

Procedure: Click Here

Home Delivery Fee Included


(NICOP/POC) Frequently Asked Questions


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