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Requirements For Surrender of NICOP

1. Completed NICOP application form: Please avoid cutting and crossing, leave a space between words, keep letters within the boxes and write neatly. Please make sure you fill out all the important portions such as:

a. Select “Surrender” in Column 1 (Type of Application)

b. Head of Family NIC (Shanakhati card) Number (Column 2): Head of Family is the father if applicant is unmarried and the husband is applicant is married. For men, it would be self if applicant is married.

c. Enter the NICOP number of your NICOP that you are surrendering in Column 5 ( Applicant's NIC/CNIC/NICOP No.)

d. Father's/Mother's name and NIC numbers – column 7-11. If the father/mother is not alive, put “DECEASED” where it asks for their NIC/CNIC/NICOP number (Col 8 & 11).

e. Spouse name and Pakistan NIC/CNIC/NICOP No (Column 13 and 14 ) : Write husband/wife's full name as indicated in your documents. Do not put last name first. Put spaces between the names. In Column 14, write husband/wife's Pakistan ID card number (without the dashes). If the husband/wife is non-Pakistani, please indicate NON PAKISTANI in the boxes if the applicant is unmarried, write NOT APPLICABLE in Col 14.

f. Present address in USA - column 23

g. Permanent address in Pakistan - column 24 Complete Pakistan address with District and Tehsil (Q 24). If it is a Karachi address, please indicate which region of Karachi (north, south, east or west ) .4. Photocopy of page 1, 2 & 3 of current/valid Pakistani passport. (if Pakistani passport has been expired, please include a copy regardless but also make sure to include a copy of your valid/unexpired foreign passport)

h. Telephone number in the US (column 26 ) is required

i. Personal information, left thumb impression and signature (Column 28 ) are BOTH required. For children, left thumb impression is required. In place of their signature, just write their names.

j. Blood Relative Reference (Column 33) IS REQUIRED. Please provide name and 13 digit NICOP/CNIC number of a blood relative (mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt etc) and indicate relation with relative

2. Two (2) current photographs (passport size, light blue or white background, front facing ).

3. Money order or cashier's check for the fee ($120) made payable to the Embassy of Pakistan.

4. Letter Requesting a Surrender with Signature




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