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Machine Readable Passport Operation


Machine Readable Passport operation has commenced in Consulate General of Pakistan at New York and Los Angeles have started issuing Machine Readable Passports from February, 2006




The Government of Pakistan has introduced Machine Readable Passport (MRP) for Pakistani Nationals at home and abroad. The Consulates General of Pakistan Los Angeles and New York have started issuing MRPs with immediate effects. All persons possessing valid or expired Pakistani passport can apply for MRP.

MRP applicants must possess Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)/National Identity Card for overseas Pakistani (NICOP) issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Applicants below 18 years should hold either NICOP or RG-2 Form issued by NADRA.

The MRP will be made strictly in conformity with the data on the CNIC/NICOP which will be matched with NADRA’s database in Pakistan. If there is a discrepancy between the information provided by the applicant and the data in NADRA’s database, the applicant will be required to have it rectified before applying for MRP. Similarly, in case of change of a woman’s name due to marriage, the applicant should have her NICOP/CNIC card changed to the married name before applying for MRP.

All applicants are required to apply in person for MRP at the Consulate Processing of MRP application includes recording of biometric data (finger print scanning). Photographing, taking the applicant’s personal data and interview for which personal attendance is mandatory.

The passports are being printed in Pakistan and will be sent back to the Consulates by diplomatic bag/courier services. Thereafter, the applicants can either pick the passports from the Consulates or can have them mailed for which they will provide prepaid mailing envelopes. Currently, there is provision only for regular processing of applications and the turnaround time for the passport will be approximately 3-4 weeks.

Lost passport applications will also be accepted. However, passports will be issued after confirmation of particulars of the lost passport by the passport issuing authority.

The Consulates will continue to issue manual passports to applicants not possessing NICOP/CNIC and those in urgent need of passports.

Procedure for passport renewal

1. Applicant to apply in person at the Consulate.
2. Original expired/valid manual passport and copy of first four pages.
3. Original NICOP/CNIC and a copy.
4. For persons below 18 years original NICOP/RG-II Form issued by NADRA and a copy.
5. Money order or cashier check of US $ 46 payable to the Consulate General of Pakistan.
6. Proof of residence status in the (copy of green card/visa/work authorization)
7. Prepaid self addressed return envelope for delivery of passport by mail (US
Postal Services Express or Certified mail is preferable)

Procedure for Lost Passport

1. Applicant to apply in person at the Consulate.
2. Copy of first four pages of lost passport.
3. Original NICOP/CNIC and a copy.
4. For persons below 18 years, original NICOP/RG-11 Form issued by NADRA.
5. Complete Form-D with one notarized photograph.
6. Complete form for Memorandum.
7. Complete form for Report of lost passport.
8. Copy of Police Report for loss of passport.
9. Money order or cahier’s check of US $ 92 for first time loss or US $ 185 for second time loss payable to the Consulate General of Pakistan.
10. Prepaid self addressed return envelope for delivery of passport by mail (US
Postal Service Express or Certified mail is preferable.)



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